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The Mixed Wine Case


A new selection of great Italian wines, out of the best Giordano production. Almost all regions are represented with their most prestigious and well known wines:  Piedmont with its Barbera, Veneto with Garganega Pinot Grigio, Tuscany with two exclusive Giordano red wines, Puglia with a Negroamaro Pinot Nero and a Sangiovese, Sicily with an international yet unique white wine, Chardonnay. Take your chance to enjoy them, directly from Italy in your glass!

$ 89.90

Tour of Italy


A tour of the senses throughout the wonderful regions of Italy with a selection of intriguing white wines, made of sun, flowers, tropical fruit, freshness like the Chardonnay from Sicily, the Garganega Pinot Grigio from Veneto, the Cortese from Piedmont.

Yet, for the red wine lovers, this selection will make you appreciate a mini tour of Piedmont with the Barbera d'Alba, easy to drink and ideal to accompany all types of meals, the intense Cabernet Sauvignon produced on the steep hillsides of Valle Talloria, where the Giordano Cellars are located, and the velvetiness of the Vei Cavour 'Gold Label' aged in oak barrels.


$ 89.90


100 years of history

Since 1900 the Giordano family produces in Valle Talloria, a small paradise at the foot of Langhe, in Piedmont, classic wines which have always been sold direclty to the customers, without intermediaries


Only selected products, of garanteed quality. The excellence of the Giordano wines is garanteed by the continous commitment in the search of genuineness and by the use of the best grapes.

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour of Google Street View: where you can see the historic section where prestigious wines rests on aging and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines produced in steel drums

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