From the Vineyard to the Glass

The story of grapevines from bud break to the wine glass Read all

The Giordano 2017 Horoscope is here!

We decided to start the year with our Horoscope: how will your 2017 be? Sign by sign, you’ll find all the predictions… and tips for when the zodiac calls for you to raise a glass!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Eat well, drink well and enjoy!

10 foods that make you feel good

What is the best way to recharge? Simple: eating! Do you know the 10 foods that make you feel good? Read our list and put them to the test

Spain, tradition and passion along its wine trails

Spain and wine: your first thought might be the scorching sun of Barcelona and sangria… But the relationship with winemaking in the Iberian Peninsula has much more to its history and traditions.