The family business

Our history

Valle Talloria di Diano d'Alba is a small paradise at the foot of the Langhe hills, in Piedmont.

Here, in one of the most enchanting regions in the north of Italy, part of the UNESCO world heritage, the Giordano family has been producing wine  since 1900. Back then, the range and quantity of wines were limited and the bottles made were just enough to meet the demand of a few loyal clients.

It was in the early 1930s that the business really began to expand with the expansion of production facilities and the purchase of new vineyards.

In1950 Ferdinando Giordano, the founder’s grandson, was the man behind the great idea to sell directly to individual clients: no intermediary, just straight from the winemaker to the consumer. At the time, Giordano was a real pioneer. 

He began by contacting clients one at a time and offering to send his wines to their homes. Orders soon came thick and fast and since then, the company has continued exclusively with this sales system.

Gianni Giordano joined his father in the business in the early 1980s and his first step was to invest in the company's development. New plant and vineyards were purchased and the vinification and ageing structures extended. 

The range of wines available to clients was increased and the logistics area was expanded, leading to a growth in exports to the whole Europe. 

Today, Giordano is one of the largest Italian direct sales wine companies and the new challenge is to promote the Italian quality worldwide.

Wine: for passion and tradition.